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The overview below lists allof the possible techniques that can be used to apply your logo on textiles. In some instances, it may be necessary to combine multiple methods so that a perfect outcome can be achievedYou can order, for example, a bathrobe with a meticulously embroidered logo enriched with a ribbon with your print, or virtually any combination you can imagine.


Weave your design, slogan or a logo on towels or bathrobes. After enjoying a delightful bubble bath, your customers can afterwards wrap themselves with your branded product, and they will associate your brand with pleasant memories.


We can embroider fabrics with next to anything. Thanks to the elegance of high gloss threads, your branded pillows or towels will be beloved by your clients.


If you choose to promote your company with electronics, blankets, towels, T-shirts or pillows, your technology of choice might be printing. Whether you prefer screen, transfer, tampon or sublimation printing, we’ll make sure your logo shines.


Some designs cannot be achieved by using only one method. That is why each logo application technology can be combined with another to achieve the desired effect the customer envisioned. 

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5000 zrealizovaných reklamných zákaziek. 25 rokov som stále na cestách. Objavujem pre vás to najlepšie z ponuky reklamného textilu a reklamných predmetov. Som freelancer, bez zbytočných réžií, ktoré sa automaticky premietajú do cien. Odpoviem vám hneď, aj o polnoci, to je moja flexibilita pre Vás.

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